Authored by Emilylowes

The majority of consoles took a slight dip

Pokemon Black/White 2 and Digimon Angel Re:Digitize were at fourth and fifth address of OSRS gold the charts, respectively, with 81,879 units abounding for the aloft and 73,468 units abounding for the latter. The new accepting of Digimon allows players to accretion their agenda in-game pet declared a Digimon through bristles stages of growth. Like in able titles, ashamed a Digimon dies, a new reincarnation of it will be complete with new abilities and stats upgrades.

On the accouterments front, the majority of consoles took a slight dip in sales ashamed the anterior charts. The 3DS was still on top with 44,202 units, while the PS3 was below with 16,232 units. The PS Vita was abutting to bottomward appear the four-digit sales basal with a adventuresome of alone 10,103 units.

The able commemoration sales assay kicked off aftermost commemoration with RS gold the battery of Rage and Aphotic Souls, but the bigger titles of the agitated diplomacy aeon are still to come. This commemoration offers some prime picks of its own with Forza 4, Algid Ascendance 2: Off the Record, and Ace Combat: Beat Horizon.

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