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Dark and Darker has not yet alternate to Steam

The audience for PvP abstraction alcove crawler Aphotic and Darker was a hit beforehand this year, but afresh Nexon declared blot infringement, it got booted off Steam, and its aboriginal admission absolution was pushed back. Developer Dark And Darker Gold Ironmace persisted, activity so far as to administer a playtest by torrent, and this morning, Ironmace CEO Terence Park accustomed to PC Gamer that Aphotic and Darker would absolution in aboriginal admission today.

That has now happened: Aphotic and Darker is attainable to acquirement anon from the developer at MMOexp or P2Pah. It's additionally attainable on a storefront declared Chaf Games.

Dark and Darker has not yet alternate to Steam, but in an email to PC Gamer, Park said that Ironmace wants to get it aback on Valve's belvedere ASAP. "We cannot abstain the bigger PC storefront in the world cheap Dark And Darker Gold," he wrote. The aboriginal admission absolution is additionally bald in Korea for now.

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