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Paltalk Holdings leveled a hefty

Once you've found all nine runes, go back to your Camp and circle around to a hidden grove OSRS gold that leads to the church. You can press a switch that will give you easier access to the church from then on. The sanctuary is decorated with silly portraits, and activating the pedestal at the end with the runes will open up a new secret stage on the map.

The stage is simply called "Moo?" and introduces a new area called Mooshroom Island. It's a short level full of angry cows, and the final boss is the Mooshroom Monstrosity. It's basically a bigger, angrier version of the Redstone Monstrosity boss fight, and it will occasionally call in more cows. The challenge level is roughly on-par with some later stages of the game like Highblock Halls and Obsidian Pinnacle, though it's much shorter than both of those. Defeating the Mooshroom Monstrosity will earn you a piece of loot just like any other stage.

In March, Paltalk Holdings leveled a hefty $90 million lawsuit against software giant Microsoft. Paltalk's claim centered on two of its patents, which create a solution for computers to effectively communicate with one another in online-gaming situations. As it turns out, Paltalk's claim stood on strong enough legs for Microsoft to RuneScape gold settle the case for an undisclosed sum, midway through the trial, in June.

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