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WoW is renowned for its depth

With the launch of the WoTLK Gold expansion, World of Warcraft is changing the zones that players start in. Blizzard has sent new players to a location called Exile's Reach, which is level 1-10 . Here, players can learn the basics prior to embarking on their way to higher levels and new areas.

Game director Ion Hazzikostas tells P2Pah that Blizzard has announced Exile's Reach to allow new players to experience WoW's brand new content quicker and catch up with players who are deeper within the games. This new area is designed to give new players access to the most exciting aspects content of WoW in 2020, instead of forcing players to play through content that's old.

"Something we've been told by our communities and something we've heard from the people on our team that tried to help get friends or family members into it for the first-time. there's something truly daunting with 15 years' worth of video content as well as the feeling that you're just going to fall behind. This is a huge burden," Hazzikostas said.

WoW is renowned for its depth, but this is also a weakness when it comes to new players. The current structure means that newcomers are stuck in games that are sometimes more than a decade old. Exile's Reach is the first game that new players can experience what WoW will be going to be like in 2020 straight off the bat.

"The identical thing that could be a plus for players who are now part of cheap WoTLK Classic Gold ecosystem is an issue when we try to get new players in," Hazzikostas said. "So we've decided to simplify the process and make sure we're really putting our best foot forward. That when you're playing World of Warcraft for the first time, you're taking part in something which reflects the nature of the game has to offer in 2020 . This is in contrast to playing content 10-12 years old so you're able to move up to content that is 8 years old then 6 year old, then 4 an age."

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