Authored by Emilylowes

A lot more content is being planned

This April will see the Glaivier class, a new female martial artist advanced Lost Ark Gold class who weaves together attacks with a spear and the glaive based on the two stances she uses: Focus and Flurry.

"While certain builds can draw your attention onto any of these weapons, the most effective Glaiviers can increase their capabilities by creating equilibrium between the two stances and gaining energy within one stance that gives an impactful stat-boost when swapping from one to an other,"reads on the post. A New continent will be coming on April 1st: South Vern, a "once-barren place" that's now "of plentiful waters and lush pastures". It will be the second Tier 3 continent, filled with new characters and quests.

A lot more content is being planned, but Amazon Games is handling this cautiously to not overload players, and also address player concerns of pay-to-win gameplay. "We're planning to keep the future focus on horizontal content and provide players clear paths to progression without feeling pressured to pay," says the blog post. "We would like to give more players the chance to get to the final game before we introduce Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience) and best place to buy Lost Ark Gold make sure that players can enjoy Arkesia and progress at their own pace , without being pressured to complete the end of game content."

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