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It's likely that he's going to make the Madden NFL 23 pay for it

A report on Sunday's USA Today Sports detailed that owners are in the process of "Mut 23 Coins," that could lead to Snyder being required to dispose of the Washington Commanders. The fact that owners will arrive at this point is not a surprise. What is remarkable is the time it took to get to this point.

Snyder quickly became an NFL's top reviled owners since his takeover of that of the Commanders in 1999. beating even Jerry Jones. Cowboys fans have experienced a love/hate relation with Jones over the years. even those who were not from Dallas disliking himand Snyder did the seemingly impossible by defying everyoneincluding the home crowd. Before we get into what might become the final nail in Snyder's coffin look back at his best moments of terror since taking ownership.

Malik Willis had an agonizing waiting period after entering his greenroom on Thursday but finally had his name called on the second day of the Madden NFL 23 Draft, with the Tennessee Titans selecting him with the number. 86 pick in the third round.

It's likely that he's going to make the Buy Mut 23 Coins pay for it. In the past you could justify the reasons why quarterbacks did not make it through the draft. There could be concerns about their level of maturity, arm strength, or below-average meetings at the combine. Other than the fact Willis hasn't played in a traditional offense there's really no reason why for a team to not roll the dice to fulfill his promise.

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