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Watson is allowed to be a part-time participant

The behavior around Watson is not normal. This is not the way that investigations have been conducted in the past. Calvin Ridley was suspended for all of the season for gambling Mut 23 Coins over a four-month period. The investigation of the league into domestic violence allegations of Greg Hardy lasted two months in 2015. The Ray Rice scandal lasted seven months.

Three important Madden NFL 23 investigations combined had less time than that which has been dedicated to Watson. It's like the league is trying to prolong this process for as long as they can so Watson can be on the field to play in Cleveland this fall, and nothing makes sense. Rice was suspended for an indefinite period, to be investigated by the league. Hardy was placed on the commissioner's exempt list, in the meantime, awaiting an investigation.

Watson is allowed to be a part-time participant, in the normal way as a normal player, in all football games for the last 15 months. The market for trades was allowed to occur. The Browns were permitted to make Watson the highest-paid quarterback of the Madden NFL 23. and shield Watson from financial ruin from potential suspensions by reducing his 2022 salary and paying Watson more on the back side.

There has never been wider, more ranging allegations against a player. More than twenty women have made public statements accusing Watson of Buy Mut 23 Coins harassment or assault. It's unclear how players like Rice and Hardy were suspended pending investigation but the only penalty Watson has received is being pressured to shut down the Twitter profile of his.

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