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Blizzard's other plans for celebrations of the Diablo anniversary here

Items drop from The Cow King only once a day during the event that runs until D2R Items. The fact that you kill it won't affect your ability to return on that Cow Level, as was the case for Diablo's alternative.

Learn more about Blizzard's other plans for celebrations of the Diablo anniversary here. Diablo's party will, as you'd expect, be the biggest featuring a special dungeon that recreates elements of the original game in the manner this month. Then, in the next year, Diablo's Necromancer is coming to Diablo as an playable character.

After his departure as Blizzard Co-founder Mike Morhaime, J. Allen Brack took over the presidency. Brack has an extensive and lengthy history working for the company, and has been credited with being the executive producer of World of Warcraft, one of the most loved and successful video games ever created.

This heritage is something that D2R items cheap is eager to draw attention to, and with good reason: it's an acknowledgement that the individual who is the head of Blizzard currently is someone who played a role in developing the game that has become its greatest success.

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