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Heng explained that Diablo Immortal's progression system

It's a tangled way to go. Diablo Immortal, which Torchlight D2R Items Infinite is expected to be in comparison to D2R Items, was extensively critiqued at its debut for its pay-to-win mechanics, even after it was said to have made an estimated $50 million within the first month of. Additionally players have expressed their displeasure over the way Diablo's MMO system penalizes players who play by themselves, and many not being able to locate the other players needed to complete the dungeons or raids essential to development.

When asked what lessons XD Inc. has learned from the launch of Diablo Immortal, Heng didn't mention the microtransactions being criticized in the game rather, he claimed that the majority of the problems in Diablo Immortal's game stemmed from an inability to manage expectations from players.

"From our point of view, the majority of the public was unhappy with their expectations about how Diablo Immortal was presented as an ARPG game, but instead became the ARPG MMO," Heng said.

Heng explained that Diablo Immortal's progression system and build options are much more limited than Diablo as a result it could be misleading players seeking a traditional Diablo experience. "If the game had not used the Diablo IP, its performance might have been vastly different, in our view," Heng said.

Heng stated that the team, right from the beginning the development process, made it evident it is Torchlight Infinite is strictly a game that is based on loot, and has a the possibility of a vast array of builds thanks to the buy diablo II resurrected items game's different systems, including hero traits and talents, as well as skills and gear attachments.

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