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Players will be rewarded with the quest

Although some songs in Lost Ark let players teleport to specific locations Lost Ark Gold, the majority are used to improve the purpose of building rapport (essentially using the reputation system of the game). As players interact with and provide certain important NPCs gifts, they will eventually receive various items. Many of Lost Ark's songs help to build rapport with NPCs, and The Song of Valor is the first of these songs players be able to learn.

During the main quest chain players will be rewarded with the quest "Song of Valor." The quest is pretty straightforward, since gamers must talk to Captain Mak (who leads players on how to talk with Maller). When players find some Silver Bush Leaves and talk to Maller again the cutscene will start. When players talk to Maller once more, he hands over an item to teach players that Song of Valor.

Lost Ark: Where to Find Heart's Melody

From this point onwards it is possible to use songs to improve the rapport with specific NPCs. This includes the heart-shaped song Melody.Heart's Melody is a reward for playing the game "Time for Treatment," which is an easy search for herbs to heal. At the end of the mission players are able to look at unimaginable tablets and learn to buy Lost Ark Gold teach them Heart's Melody.

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