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The new servers are an option to bring back some of the dedicate

Many of those diehard gamers are now flocking to servers run by private parties for the WoTLK Gold game which players can play on for free but are technically illegal. This is the practice that many fans of the vanilla WoW fans resorted to during the time before the official launch of WoW Classic and are now returning to as a result of an unrelated California state California lawsuit alleging a work culture of discrimination and harassment toward women by Blizzard and the introduction of microtransactions, such as the ability to boost your level or mount the level of Burning Crusade Classic. Some players no longer feel comfortable supporting Blizzard directly.

The new servers are an option to bring back some of the dedicated WoW Classic player. There are a variety of older, running MMOs like Everquest are regularly releasing new servers. They often come with dramatic changes to the experience to keep things interesting. WoW Classic fans have requested similar features but it remains to be seen if Blizzard would agree to create such drastic changes to the game.

For the majority of WoW Classic, Blizzard took an approach that was preservationist, seeking to keep the game as close to the original version of the original version of WoW. The game's experience slowly changed as WoW Classic came to the close of its content, when Blizzard introduced changes to the way world buffs work, as well as reducing the window for cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold spell-batching to make the game's responsiveness closer to that of its current Shadowlands version.

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